An American Poem

Our country was stolen by the Nov 3 Insurrection, right before our eyes, in the darkness of night.   Regardless of the proven Election fraud on a massive scale,  in many ways we have already lost the America I grew up with.   That is another matter to consider, after we regain control of our election process. 

In honor of Dinesh D’Souzas new documentary about our stolen election (2000 Mules), I decided to write a poem about  America and how to get her back.  

Please see 2000 Mules and tell everyone you know to see it.  Nothing is more important than a stolen country, especially when it’s a country so important to the world – America. 

1st Amendment

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.“


We once had a place
To live and to grow
Where dreams are fulfilled
Nowhere else you can go
We said to our founders
Ok, you may lead
But only if we check you
From Power and Greed
We said we must always
Be able to reach
Our Leaders in Power
With Freedom of Speech
Agreed, they did say
Anything more?
Sit down and we’ll tell you
First, open these doors
Keep no secrets from us
You rule through our will
There is no King here
He’s gone forever still
And when you go bad
As we know leaders will
You shall Always hear Protests
On Capitol Hill
Any more you demand?
That seems quite good
We’ll agree to all that
We’ll do as we should
One more thing is required
To go beyond Great
Believe in a God
To rule without Hate
You see we need faith
Or pay Liberty’s cost
If Man has his way
Without God we are Lost!
With that we adjourned
A Constitution was laid
But now we’ve forgotten
How this Nation was made
We have a new Leader
Like a thief in the night
As you were sleeping
As you slept tight
November 3rd was the Day
An Infamy declared
A War on our Freedom
And our Country so Fair
The Rules that were planted
To create the best place
Soon became vague
To give children Safe Space
Those Laws are too strict
We must do as we please!
For God doesn’t matter
Only Science will appease
The Boss now Installed
No Constitution will bind him
No law now protects us
From Tyranny’s Serfdom
The words of our Founders
We the people once knew
Is now Misinformation
And Dangerous too
So don’t talk of Freedom
And Liberty True
Or we’ll put you in jail
We’ll re-educate you!
    Miss Liberty looked up
    Our Country might Die!
    Oh God, she said, save us
    Then, Miss Liberty cried
    Where did we go wrong?
    We missed their foul plan
    We were too busy to notice
    And not taking a Stand
    God said I have given
    You protection and strength
    Now Evil prevails
    You are now near the brink
    Turn back to me now
    And give up your pride
    Fight darkness around you
    And live in the Light
    Turn away from false prophets
    And Gods you Romance
    If you do all these things   
  You have one more chance
Now we know what to do
There is no time to spare
There is no middle ground
Wake up or don’t care
It’s on all of us now
Let’s go back to the place
Our Founders once gave us
For Posterity’s Grace
We once had a Country
To live and to grow
Where dreams are fulfilled
Nowhere else can we go


Sic Semper Tyrannis


Is Africa the Covid Smoking Gun?

December 12, 2021 Updated March 11, 2022

Updated – see footnote 2.

Introduction. In October 2020 I wrote about the US healthcare system and how it is a total failure on Covid, allowing people to die without simple treatments for the Bioweapon dubbed Covid. A year later we have increased our hold on the #1 slot on healthcare expenditures per capita. Nothing has improved and in many ways our healthcare establishment has gotten worse. Much worse. And, now we have the smoking gun case of Africa proving the possibly intentional manslaughter of people in the name of bad science, profiteering or worse – depopulation….

The most expensive healthcare system in the world (by a huge margin) is the United States. We have 45% higher healthcare expenses per capita in our “free market” healthcare system than #2 in the world – Switzerland.

Strangely, and with barely a whimper from Americans that are going broke paying insane medical bills year after year, the USA ranks in the top 20 out of 195 countries for Covid mortality with 2368 deaths/1,000,000. This equates to roughly 140 Covid only deaths/1,000,000 using the 6% CDC figure obtained through Medical Examiner death certificates, as directed by CDC guidance issued April 2020. This also is less than the median annual influenza deaths over 10 years – yet we have blithly crashed the world for the Great Reset. I digress.

Below are the lowest Covid death rate countries in the world.  Of the 38 countries with the lowest mortality rates are 26 countries located in the continent with the worst healthcare systems in the world – Africa.   How is this possible?

Lowest Covid 19 Mortality by Country (as of 12/6/21):


Simple.   Most African countries allow use of inexpensive (i.e. non patentable US Pharmaceutical Pseudo-Vaccines) Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Ivermectin for early treatment.   We don’t.  And, they also don’t fake death counts to establish totalitarian rule by a deadly vaccine and human segregation brainwashing experiment on the masses.

These renegade countries are now being targeted for forced1 inoculations per the latest World Economic Forum (WEF) release here because of a new found creation called the Omicrontm variant (aka “Zero” Micron, or non-existent). The mild mutation was “discovered” in South Africa, the only part of Africa with vaccination rates similar to America and likely proving that the vaccines cause variants. Or, that the Media needed a variant location close to a control group with 1.3 Billion live humans to cause the greatest panic. The beat goes on.

Yes, Omicrontm just happened to be discovered in South Africa and the party has just begun.

Just Mandrake conjecturing here but it is very likely that Omicrontm literally appeared out of MSM hot air because there is little evidence of Sars 2 Coronavirus in the first place to even create derivative viral mutants. What has been acknowledged with reasonable alacrity by the underground press is worldwide exposure to spike protein bioweapons created in a lab with the purpose of depopulation vaccination.

And, now those poor as dirt but much healthier than the rest of us Sub Saharan Africans must be dealt with. These renegades living near the equator where Vit D is plentiful even for the dark skinned must be jabbed, needled soon and by any means possible. I can only imagine what they have in store for these poor but temporarily healthy people that will be largely ignored by the worldwide MSM.2

African countries with the most “backward” and “poorest” healthcare systems in the world are doing significantly better than the rest of us with our most expensive in the world (by far) healthcare systems run by FDA/Big Pharma and the AMA. Isn’t that special? Misery loves company and we need to get these people on board!

We have always known that when Western Governments spend more money to cure an ill, often of their own making, it usually fails. Their answer is that we just did not spend enough. Nearly 18% of our US GDP for healthcare just isn’t enough. This United States healthcare fiasco story may be the best example in human history of this never ending Leftist lunacy.

Even with the few remaining good Docs and many Nurses out there, Americans cannot match the healthcare of Africa when it comes to Covid mortality – even as we spend ourselves into oblivion thinking we will be healthier and live longer than the rest of the world. Hell, if our spending was related to longevity, we would live to 142 with no cancer, heart disease or Alzheimers to worry about.

So, what is going on? How can some of the worlds worst healthcare systems in Africa handle a “pandemic” so much better than the most expensive systems in the world? Why the illogical discrepancy in mortality?  A 12 year old in Science class could figure this out over our brainwashed masses: People in Africa use safe and inexpensive Anti-Bioweapon Spike Protein treatments (HCL/Ivermectin), avoided the Covid inducing jabs (6% Vax rate) and as a result are the most healthy people in the world vis a vis Covid. This is the smoking gun.

That just won’t do. As I have written in several articles, the goal of the Reset is to Vax everyone for depopulation via quick deaths, slow deaths or random miscarriages. Having a massively large control group to compare to the billions of Dead bodies that are healthy, alive and multiplying in 3 to 5 years cannot be allowed. The Depop Resetters must lose the last remaining large population control group (after the much unhealthier Western countries forces all of us to vax) that would otherwise prove for once and all that it was the vaxxed that died off at the hands of worldwide criminals. Criminals that need Nuremberg trials and punishment.     

Let’s end this insanity with more insanity. Here is the headline in our December 6 2021 WEF article. Pay attention to the use of the word “discrimination”:

3. ‘Extreme’ vaccine discrimination risks leaving Africa behind: report

WEF – December 6, 2021

In typical Marxist wordplay, the WEF is claiming that the African continent is being discriminated against because they are not being forcefully inoculated and maimed like the rest of the world. Really? My God, how stupid do they think people are? Actually, it is concerning and strikes fear in my heart that these people think the world is stupid enough to buy their BS. Where does that leave the rest of us with more than a room temp IQ?

Still, when the all powerful WEF has to quote a Sudanese Resetting Telecom Billionaire (Mo Ibrahim) with zero healthcare experience (but OK with 5G) about the awful healthcare “discrimination” going on, these folks are grasping at straws and that gives me hope that even my neighbors will soon get wise.   Maybe since our African Whiz Kid will be healthy with his saline solution, the MSM might consider an interview with the rank and file and see how they feel about being “discriminated” against – for death.   But that would only happen in an Anti-Matter Universe, not the one we temporarily find ourselves.

The African question is answered and is even more proof that the evil in our midst is all around us now and closing fast.   The Resetters are trying to hide the smoking gun before the world sees it, but it’s too late because the data is already in. Their damage has been done and it’s exposed for all to see.

Forrest Gump: “Fake is as Fake does”.

Sic Semper Tyrannis —

1At this Plandemic stage, “forcefully” may not mean gun to the head (yet) but when you are slaves to warlords or have been educated to not be self-reliant and will lose your job that puts food on the table if you don’t vacciboost, you really have few if any other options to literally survive. This is just a force of a different color.

2IMPORTANT MANDRAKE NEWS UPDATE. It didn’t take long. In the US Omnibus budget bill that will be likely passed because nearly all Republicans are taken and refuse to fight the installed regime of Nov 3 2020, there is $4.5 Billion for an Africa Vaccination program. If they succeed in obtaining the money and implementing the evil plan incarnate, the last massive control group to prove Vaccination Depopulation will be eliminated. Blacks in Africa (not “African American” fakers) should say NO to the plan to kill them off. Then, when the Trials start, the irrefutable evidence of genocide will at last set the world free.

Why are they Killing us?

Updated April 15, 2022 with new information……

I have been hesitant to write this because when you think you might have a reasonable answer as to why many billions of people could be murdered by a select few technocrats, bankers and politicians, you tend to convince yourself that the hypothesis of mass murder is true.   And that scares the crap out of me.   But, I felt it was time to publish this conspiracy article because nobody as of yet has talked much about the why to it all?  To defend against a common enemy you need to know not only who the enemy is, what they are doing but why they are doing it.   Knowing why will also help define a possible solution. We have found the final pieces to the puzzle.

There are serious questions on the very existence of Sars 2 Coronavirus.  Well into the Pandemic, the CDC has still presented limited proof that they have isolated the virus.   What appears to be a small danger to our physical health, and a big danger to our mental health, is not a new virus per se but “spike proteins” that were engineered as a result of a gain of function Fauci/Daszak experiment to create a highly contagious bio weapon transmitter. The spike protein contagion is referred to as a “virus” and is also an active pathogen contained inside the emergency use vaccinations that were rolled out in December 2020.  It is part of a 2-pack punch Bioweapon designed for depopulation:  the “disease” and the “cure”.

Fact: There was no serious illness on the order of Ebola (50% mortality) requiring worldwide vaccinations and shutdowns. 

The Resetters never lied to us about that. It was always there in plain sight, but we were gaslighted with blinders that we donned with hardly a question. Facts about Covid mortality didn’t stop the narrative because it’s so easy to just brainwash them all away.

The media has convinced billions of people worldwide that they will die from a bad cold or flu if they are not mRNA vaccinated. Now, the vaxxed sheep susceptible to hypnosis and fake news are a grave risk to themselves by creating their own never ending toxins. They are also a risk to the unvaccinated due to the shedding of spike proteins to others and through the spiking of our unfiltered blood supply.

The media’s dreaded non-lethal disease for almost 99% of the general population (especially for people in Africa) has been the focus of our daily news for nearly two years in order to motivate people to the vaccination goalpost.  People, especially the elderly or people with severe health issues, can just as easily be killed by influenza or even the cold, which the spike protein symptoms are similar. Is this all just depopulation or a creation of transhumans via a novel vaccine for a not so novel coronavirus disease that has always made people sick?   If this is a mind game on the global masses it must have evil intent.  Something is deadly, but it was never a new high mortality Bioweapon, unless there is Round 2.   It’s the vaccination.

There are no limits to what Resetting Governments will do to maintain vax mandates.

Canada recently operated under Martial Law under the Emergency Powers Act (at our installed leader’s request) to freeze donations and bank accounts for people that are peacefully protesting their loss of Liberty due to Covid mandates. 

Our own government has issued a DHS Bulletin that could be a preamble to our own Martial law against a much larger group of people.

As Trudeau stated….”everything is on the table”.

Are you awake yet?

Headlines that Never Happened

Let’s start down this road and replay just a few of the latest “Conspiracy” headlines that should have killed the Covid story outright but has not been reported or even investigated other than by fake 3rd party “fact check” sites by the Atheists running the Mainstream Media in America:

Yet, in light of all the above and a 99% survival rate that hasn’t changed since the first time you heard the word “Covid”, most human beings have voluntarily been injected with the Emergency Authorization GMO Therapy Treatment (Covid Vaccination). That is a story for future historians to unravel.

We are inundated with enough uncensored data from much more qualified sources than the FDA/CDC and their Corporate MSM counterparts worldwide that, even if 50% true, would indicate something very sinister is going on to depopulate the planet.   What conclusion can a rational human being come to?  Is it just money for Big Pharma?   No.  It’s much more than that. 

Good Doctors, many now speaking out because of Hippocratic Oath failure remorse, are losing their livelihoods and licenses worldwide for fighting Great Resetter Death Squads because they are providing alternative, scientifically sound treatments to reduce Covid morbidity.  Why not publish that, MSM, unless you are “in on it”?   Nobody should censor the free association of ideas that help create the “Science” for anything newly discovered, be it an idea in physics or disease of unknown origin.     Our Mass Psychosis means that even Einstein is labeled a quack:

…A dictatorship means muzzles all round and consequently stultification. Science can flourish only in an atmosphere of free speech.“

Albert Einstein

Everything now points to depopulation.   But why?  Is it really the end of times?   Will I die or my family?

It’s not enough to say it’s all just part of the “Build Back Better” Great Reset of Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, the World Economic Forum and Committee of 300 (more on that later). That would still not answer why an extremely small group of human beings want to kill, with no remorse, nearly 40% of all the other human beings on the planet, amounting to over 3 Billion dead in less than a generation.   

A Land of both Shadow and Substance

Yes, we are in fact living in a Twilight Zone episode even Rod Serling could not have scripted.  I was looking for a reason why anybody would want to do something so demonstrably evil.   I always believed that the answer is simple, maybe hidden in plain sight and based on human nature being inherently bad in the Christian view.

Occam’s razor can help to identify the most likely hypothesis based on simplicity.   When trying to solve a problem in science or medicine, the least complicated answer (hypothesis) is often found to be the correct answer.   Sometimes not, but I think this Machiavellian nightmare does have a simple answer even though it is based on the synergism of economics and technology.  

In medicine specifically, the Zebra principle states that the most likely cause is not a complication of things, it is often the simplest and the most likely cause.  For example, if you live in America and hear hoof beats, it is likely coming from Horses, not Zebras.   In the Covid world, the complicated mess we face has to do with basic Economics and nothing more – job losses due to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning.

Artificial Intelligence.

“(AI) is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs, as opposed to the natural intelligence displayed by humans or animals.”

Machine Learning. 

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer science which focuses on the use of data and algorithms to imitate the way that humans learn, gradually improving its accuracy.

Machine learning is nothing new but can amplify the capabilities of AI.   Think of HAL the computer in Stanley Kubrick’s film 2001 A Space Odyssey.   HAL (IBM, one letter off) was the most sophisticated computer on the planet and was in charge of making sure a spaceship would safely transport human beings in suspended animation across the cosmos.  But absent any condition of morality, HAL killed his hosts because they were in the way of his ends justifies the means programmed objectives.

Machine learning is the ability of a computer to teach or “program” itself from prior remembered knowledge (cached memory).  This helps the machine to learn as it performs its assigned task, thus making it more efficient and useful while even avoiding necessary human intervention to make it work better.  This is also how you learn:  trial and error yielding positive results to learn something new that makes you more efficient.  For living human beings, learning through self-education helps increase your life’s chances for fulfillment, pleasure and a general sense of well-being.    On a software level, Machine Learning is similar to human evolution but on a much more rapid trajectory that excludes conscience.  This can result in a high opportunity cost for tragic errors like HAL turning on the humans that created it.

In a manufacturing world, Robots simulating human anatomy plus AI plus Machine Learning = task completed.  Human eliminated.   The same formula applies to nearly every other employment position where people work in an office, operate private or public transit vehicles, distribute products, serve food or perform repetitive tasks.   

How many Jobs will be Lost?

Artificial intelligence, combined with Machine Learning, will result in job losses in the next 30 years approaching 90% .   Unlike the technology of the past like Fords Assembly line (not the first, but the most successful initial use of machine automation) where myriads of new industries and jobs were created nearly overnight, AI’s sole purpose is to eliminate jobs.

Corporate Woke America has always liked cheap labor. Consider the Wall Street Journal’s lack of concern for open borders providing illegally cheap labor for Corporate America.  Even better, how about NO labor?    That’s the ultimate ticket to prosperity.  But, who prospers?   Hint:  The top 5 companies in the S&P 500 (AI Companies) have 25% of the stock equity of the entire 500 .

I am old enough to remember when Bill Gates pushed his worldview 40 years ago imagining a Futureworld Nirvana where his computer software would run all aspects of business.   This would lead to 30 hour workweeks with higher pay.  Well, he missed that a bit.  Businesses used his technology to fire millions of people and leave the rest of us working much longer hours, 24/7 on-call hours and weekends for some, because those computers he programmed allowed us to do the work of 3 people.   Gates was a liar then on the technology he was gifted enough to become expert.    Can anybody trust him now when it comes to things he is not expert in like medicine, virology and even vaccines?   

AI was initially sold to us as only being used to replace dangerous jobs that nobody wanted to do but, like all things technology, metastasized into an unruly cancer that like our friend HAL is devouring its host.     Talk about side effects.

The Great Resetters figured this all out long ago.  AI would make them wealthy (and powerful) beyond imagination but it would come with an untenable price.   The vast majority of people, without the skills to be entrepreneurs or be self-reliant in any way because of their public education, would be without jobs.  Without money.  Without the means of putting food on the table to feed themselves or their kids.

The Great Resetters began to be afraid.  They were afraid that the jobless proletariat would come crashing into their Mansions and Yachts, making the French and Russian Revolutions look tame.   They would be hanged by sundown for causing all this world suffering, including the Covid crime against humanity.   What to do about all that?

The UBI Plan

The Key Component to the Great Reset of AI is called Universal Basic Income (UBI).   Every man, woman and child will get a check in the mail from their respective Global Intergovernmental Finance Agency.   You know, to keep the folks fat, happy and fed so they don’t starve and don’t yell “off with their heads” for the madmen ruining their lives.   The Great Resetters will just keep the useful idiots occupied like IRS employees on never ending, fully paid Covid vacations and let them go out once in a while to do something fun, but not too expensive.    And, they would never want to work again because they have nothing to own and take care of.   Sounds like Nirvana for some, unfortunately.   But is this economically feasible for the world’s population?  I would say no and this is why they have engaged in a plan to selectively kill off people all over the world that will not include the ruling class.    

An annual UBI payment of $32,000 that will replace bankrupt Social Security/Medicare and Pension plans in the United States and Europe at the so called Poverty level (extrapolated to nearly 7 Billion more people in undeveloped countries) will have to be paid for by an infinitesimally small but incredibly wealthy ruling class. This is simply not tenable long term without a drastic reduction in the global population, particularly the elderly demographic who will bankrupt our ineffective symptom focus model healthcare system. 

Why is Covid and it’s treatment killing off the elderly at such a high rate (80% of Covid “deaths”)?    It’s as simple as this financial reality of our Healthcare Social Spending:

Among the top 5 percent of (Healthcare) spenders…..39.0 percent were 65 and older (Medicare), while only 5.8 percent were children under age 18.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

The people largely dying with Covid are only 16% of population but 39% of healthcare spending.   This is why The Great Reset cannot happen without a drastic reduction in the general population, starting with the elderly. In their worldview, people over 65 are using a disproportionate share of our social spending resources and – using the words of the Left – is not sustainable.

Beyond the healthcare factor in the Great Reset, we will have the devastating hyperinflation effects from devaluing unbacked fiat currency with never ending printing for universal Social Spending to keep the wolves at bay.  Even virtual fiat currency has its economic limits. 

The WEF people believe that the world is not “sustainable” with a growing population soon dependent on the virtual bank accounts of the Resetters, particularly in Sub Sahara Africa, due to dwindling natural resources – a lie as big as Global Warming.   But what if we “depopulate” the planet by 40%?   Well, this begins to look viable economically.

And, when world domination is required by a select few Dr. Strangelove’s it’s always easier to rule over as small a number as possible so you can keep your Islands and Gulfstream Jets away from the subservient masses that outnumber them nearly a Billion to 1.

The Great Resetters used the Mainstream Media they already own to move the entire world’s population people into a gaslighted state of Mass Psychosis.  Psychotic plebes will want to get the “vaccine” so they can live their lives in faux freedom.    Some will even beg for the vaccine as the ultimate Darwin Award winners and turn in their neighbors for violating police state mandates.    But many will eventually die just long enough after the initial vax + boosters do their dirty work that we won’t make the connection in time to stop the death by media induced VacPsychosis.

There literally is no better way to kill off so many with a broad brush that purposely misses the Ruling class injected with saline.   Brilliant.  Only the jabbed get written off and for a disease that kills no more than a bad flu outbreak. 

It’s truly amazing what people can come up with when the infinitely wealthy have nothing better to do than storyboard existential plans for humanity.  They could have just read the Bible a few times to keep occupied.

All said, I do believe the Great Resetters in charge of this Human Armageddon sleep very well at night.   How could anyone with even a sliver of human compassion kill off such a huge chunk of humanity?  

Great Resetters know that AI and Machine learning will inevitably lead to economic destruction and massive job losses.   If the AI irresistible force of their own making cannot be stopped, then the world’s population simply cannot survive at current population levels.  People will literally be dying alongside their children in their homes and in the streets with bloated stomachs in writhing agony.    In their bizarre egomaniacal way, they are really doing all of us a favor in an insane case of Atheistic Altruism.   It’s better for humanity to die from vaccine induced heart failure or in hospitals on ventilators over a short time than a crushing, slow and agonizing death from starvation.  If we happen to get more money, more power, bigger Islands and Jets along the way, it’s just the price of technological progress.   


The MSM made the Great Reset happen because they never investigated or questioned the morality of the agenda.    Of course they didn’t.  The heads of the MSM are the agenda.  They are at the top of the food chain allowing every bit of gaslighting psychosis to occur.  The largely Atheist heads of those Mainstream media organizations are not getting vaxxed or if they do, are getting saline solutions instead.   They will be in the handful of survivors in positions of unfathomable power and wealth equal to or exceeding the Technocrats and Politicians.  

One World Government

The MSM is in a leadership role as part of the United Nations Plan for a One World Government. Obama spoke openly and disturbingly about One World Government in a UN Farewell Address, pretending that his 2nd term was over and he would no longer play a major role at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. All of what we are witnessing is part of a long range plan to reduce population to match what The Olympians and a handful of others at the top of the food chain (Committee of 300) feel are the limits of our natural resources. The Plandemic of Covid, which is largely a deployment of spike proteins causing immunity disfunction and allergic reactions that vary individually and with batches, was created to support the plan. You can read more about the Committee of 300 here.  

Graphene Oxide Survivors

Consider the 5G/Vaccine connection. It is apparent that 5G networks may be “tuned-in” for Duplex two-way communication with humans (or transhumans) at the cellular level via Graphene Oxide found in all mRNA vaccinations.   Those that are vaxxed and survive the Depopulation game or don’t bleed to death from the Graphene Oxide component due to their robust immune systems (Nietzsche’s Superman on Steroids) will be turned into human transducers via Graphene Oxide resonance without their knowledge, let alone control.   It is quite possible that the Internet of Things won’t hold a candle to the Internet of SuperPeople.

Network 5G was installed probably in your neighborhood with zero permission from the exposed people at risk.    The very safety agency that should have stopped the rollout of 5G due to documented adverse health and safety effects (known to the FCC) of high frequency electromagnetic radiation also failed to warn us of the safety hazards of mRNA vaccines and have yet to approve the currently used vaccines and booster treatments.    Do we know the maximum power limits of the new generation “milliwave” 5G systems being installed that operates at up to 100GHZ, the range used in directed energy weapons? Can these systems be used against our own people? Is the FCC concerned with “universal access” or “universal control”?

What to do?

Is there a way to stop their plan of Evil incarnate?   First, don’t take the vaccination or blood transfusions from mRNA contaminated sources so we have as many people on our side to survive the death camps and deal with all the body piles in the coming years.   Find a good unwoke Doctor and keep a supply of prophylactic and detoxification treatments for exposure to Covid Spike Proteins and other pathogens which could be deployed as they use up their final arsenals.

The Technocrats pushing for Depopulation can be stopped but only if we have the will to change.   And, God willing, if reasonable people get back in charge we can also do things on a Macro level.   Here are the 3 steps:

  • First, and we can do this outside of politics and violence, is to go Cold Turkey with Big Tech.  We have to become modern Luddites, like it or not.   Big tech has to be stopped if AI is to be stopped.   We have to return to a less anxious time of human existence where children don’t text each other across the room and learn to use a smartphone before they ride a bike or read a book.    This will take at least a generation, but can be done.  Join and contribute to organizations like Dr. Robert Epstein’s Stop Big Tech Now .
  • Secondly, we have to regain political power by voting in like-minded people at the voting booth.  Use trackable ballots and establish bipartisan poll watchers selected like a jury.  Election fraud has to be as obliterated as the Leftist Controlled Democratic party should be.
  • Third.  When we regain power, we must do the following:
    • Every existing and new “technology” must undergo a TIS – Technology Impact Statement.   Like the 70s’ Environmental Impact Statements (or assessment), a TIS would focus on one thing – Jobs.  If the technology (like AI or 5G implementation) reduces net employment it is immediately unlicensed. 
    • We have to legally bust-up the Corporate Mainstream media as an information monopoly (Exhibit A – Trusted News Initiative) ranging from source reporting to fact checking 3rd parties.

Jobs, no matter how menial, are not only good for the soul but ultimately necessary to avoid anarchy.  Have we forgotten that?   Well, the Great Resetters haven’t forgotten.  But as we have seen, their solution is to unleash Armageddon instead of pulling the plug on AI, the source of their immense wealth and power. 

Even if you are not convinced of this Covid depopulation theory and its causes above, we do have to educate as many as we can about what could be lurking under the covers.   Some under our “Trusted News Initiative” Corporate Media induced mass pychosis may be unreachable and unmovable.  Still, we have to try to reach them because if we have any chance at this late stage to stop this most evil technological end game, possibly involving the mass execution of Billions of people the likes of which has never been seen, we need a lot of people on our side.  People like you and I who can fight politically or by other legitimate means to stop a disaster never before seen in human existence.

It’s all about that (virtual) check in the mail.   Even fiat virtual money lives on Economic principles of supply and demand.  There just ain’t enough fake money to keep it all afloat and keep the masses away from the Resetter elite.

If the above didn’t scare you a bit, this will.   

As we have now seen in Canada and the US, they are coming after us harder and faster now because they have no other option.   For what they have done, if they lose their power, we will convict and sentence the key Great Resetters with crimes against humanity.    You see, we have gone too far in this Twilight Zone episode.   There is no turning back now for them, or us.   All of us are living in a bad dream in a bad movie in the most important time in world history. Although the path ahead is not yet clear for any of us, we can rest easy on one thing.   God is still in charge.

Final Thoughts

I saved the best for last.  Even with all their darkside power, they will lose in the end for one simple reason:  Romans 8:31.

Take heart and pray to be Right with your God.

Sic Semper Tyrannis


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Mandrake News

(Reusetters) Project Mandrake has uncovered the actual location of the January 15, 2022 FBI raid in Texas.  The raid in this video occurred at the residence of a Mrs. Gladys McGintie, a retired Grandmother of 7 and member of Kiwanis, who was to be arrested under probable cause for attending the January 6 2021 Trump rally.   

We caught up with FBI regional director James Tavistock who relayed the following:

Mandrake.  Mr. Tavistock, how were you able to subdue Mrs. McGintie without a single injury to the rather sizable FBI force at the scene?

Tavistock.  Well, I can’t go into too much detail for obvious reasons, as we were dealing with a Domestic Terrorist of unknown motives. Suffice to say that our first move was to take her out quickly so we, and all of America, were protected. 

Mandrake.  How were you able to pinpoint her location so quickly?

Tavistock.  We used Google Maps.  We confirmed it was actually her home because an informant, implanted at a recent Kiwanas Cell meeting, had spoken to us recently and said that Mrs. McGintie likes to bake brownies on Saturday afternoon. 

Mandrake.  Brownies?

Tavistock.  Yes.  And since she puts them in the window to cool,  the 30 of us simply waited for the scent.  That’s what led us right to her.

Mandrake.  Brilliant.  And none of your heavily armed troops suffered any injuries?

Tavistock.  Our risk declined almost immediately after our lead sniper in the turret vehicle caught her neatly in the back of her head with a 6.8 SPC armor piercing round shortly after she placed the brownies in the window.

Mandrake.  That seems kind of brutal?

Tavistock.  Well, we were dealing with a dangerous person who could have resisted arrest or put on a backpack with IEDs. Our job is to protect our Democracy.   Can I have your address and full name? 

Mandrake.  I was just asking.  

Here I Come to Save the Day!

Note: Updated January 15, 2022

This post was originally published on The Burning Platform In August 2020. It will be updated periodically with Big Tech valuations until they are all sued as a monopoly. Also added Youtube alternatives since they are going to war with all Americans that love Liberty.

The Big Tech CV19 fix is in.   Brick and mortar is dead and gone and replaced with virtual, for your own protection.  And, for your kids (it’s always the kids).   Big Tech has come to save the day!  


No disrespect intended to the great Mighty Mouse who fought the bad guys, but what better world could the likes of Bezos, Zuckerberg, Cook, Gates and all the other Big Tech Internet mongering Robber Barons get than what is on the near horizon?  CV-19 tm allows Big Tech to be “Save the Day” heroes by claiming to keep us healthy living in a virtual world.    This will, unfortunately, make all the rest of us poor as dirt by comparison to their wealth which is already insanely and disproportionately high, and grows ever larger with each money printing Fed fiasco.   

As of August 3, 2020,  here are the combined stock equity value totals of just the top 5 of the S&P 500  (in descending order of insanity): 

Apple.  $1.84 Trillion (2.87 Trillion as of 01/15/2022)

Microsoft. $1.55 Trillion (2.33 Trillion as of 01/15/2022)

Google. $1.01 Trillion (1.85 Trillion as of 01/15/2022)

Amazon.  $1.59 Trillion (1.65 Trillion as of 01/15/2022)

Facebook.  $.723 Trillion, what a slacker ($.923 Trillion  as of 01/15/2022)

Big Tech Top 5 Combined Equity:  $6.71 Trillion* (9.62 Trillion as of 01/15/2022)

*Japan Nominal GDP: $4.975 Trillion (2020)

UPDATE. Please note that since August 2020 the values of the these totalitarian companies have gone up an average of 26% – during a Covid Depression.

The S&P 500 is 80% of the entire market value of all of the companies in America.  The top 5 Tech companies represent 1% of the top 500 companies in America and have 25% of the stock equity.   If that doesn’t mean that Big Tech rules I don’t know what does.  

How did the people running these companies get so amazingly wealthy and powerful?  Well, it’s not the stock loving Federal Reserve.   Look in the mirror.  We the people did it.   We did it with our animal-like desire for immediate gratification over self-respect and privacy, love of technology regardless of human impacts and for just saving a few bucks so we can make it in the fake no inflation world.  We buy from Amazon with no thought for that friendly business owner we used to buy from who now hangs by a financial thread.   I am not talking about Wal-Mart, which is doing quite fine thank you because they were never shut down by your Governor.   Many Non-tech businesses regardless of size are dying of Covid and Wal-Mart may be the only brick and mortar player left standing. 

Full admission.  Although I did not invent the Internet, I was one of the earliest users of the Internet and have an Ebay account dating to 1998 to prove it.  I even had a BBS (Internet Precursor) in the early 1990s.  My first Internet interaction was mind blowing.  I could connect my i386DX computer to the Louvre computers in Paris with a mouse-click and see their collection in real time on my computer screen.   Cool.   But, over the years I have come to see how technology run by insanely wealthy egomaniacal tyrants bent on controlling all aspects of human existence isn’t just ruining personal and business relationships but also our country.   

Now, with the New Covid Anti-Normal, we are set to buy even more from these people giving them even more power to do their worst.    And that scares the hell out of me.   They are blowing out quarterly earnings as the rest of America’s businesses are barely alive.  You only have to look at the increases in their stockholders equity that have occurred during the economic Depression thrust upon the rest of us.   Just as Covid physically targets and sometimes kills the elderly with poor underlying health, it economically targets companies not creating or living in their virtual world.  

When I was growing up we shopped convenience rather than price.   I suspect we did this because price differences were not all that much if we went somewhere else, so local was King.    And, buying local helped people we knew that lived in our community.    Today’s America,  especially the millennial generation,  could care less about our role in the big economic picture let alone the history and people that they believe never existed before they were born.    Many think that the near geometric growth of the Internet has largely been due to people desiring instant gratification, however, when you buy online you wait a lot longer to get what you want so that is really a secondary issue.    The real growth of Internet commerce is due to people and businesses needing to buy cheap in order to make ends meet in a highly inflationary world, much worse than the 60s and even the 70s, which the government does not report.  

We now trade relationships and privacy for price and convenience.    At the request of Big Banks using Internet based technology we gladly put our bank accounts online exposed to hackers from eastern Europe so we don’t have to drive to the local bank to do a transaction.   If we still buy groceries or tools from one of the too big to fail Big Box stores, we would rather bag our own stuff than check out with a human.   We do this without a discount for doing exactly what a paid cashier would do.   No matter if we put bazillions of people out of work – we are in a hurry and isn’t this fun to be our own cashier!

I started believing in the evils of Big Tech Internet when I realized these guys worked deviously undercover, even before Google eliminated their company motto:  Don’t Be Evil (at least they were being honest with us).    

How about the Google “Play Store”?   The “Play Store” not only gets you free software but has access to your Smartphones at any time to do anything they want with your data, often without you being able to say no thank you.    After all, how harmless could a “Play Store” really be?     To gain access into your personal world and private data, the Internet folks also came up with more Happy names like “cookies”.   Who doesn’t like cookies?    In reality, cookies are nefarious bits of source code designed to know more about you than your Mom.  A very close relation to “cookies” is something we know to be bad called Spyware, but they do it in the open (Page 1278 of The Google User Agreement, revision 89) yet we don’t care because we are all so happy with our cookies!    It’s only missing the Happy Meal.   The so called “Cookies” helps make the Internet go around with targeted advertising but now its spinning out of control.   Entire corporations no longer have to communicate directly with customers in our “self-service” internet world and amazingly place their business and client data in the unsafe “cloud” where they have NO PHYSICAL CONTROL because if they don’t (per the Tech monsters) they will be at a competitive disadvantage when the other idiots competitors do it.   Hmmmm.  Big Tech is not only replacing brick and mortar but has just taken control over Corporate America.   Check and mate.    

In my research for this article, I discovered that Google has something called  a Master Website Blacklist that they setup to protect you from visiting websites with Malware. This is how that message appears in your browser about not letting you connect to a website for your own protection (wink wink).  This seems a good cause but there are other means to protect your computer that work better than a centralized all powerful, all censoring Internet Cop called Sargent Google. But,  how bad can that be?   Well, on January  31, 2019 someone at Google got a little careless and blacklisted nearly every website in the world and for that “error”, the entire Internet was effectively SHUT DOWN for 40 minutes.  I find that power just a little disconcerting if, for example, the Internet Cop wants to change the world.   Replacing brick and mortar so you can be the only one with the key to the store is not good.

All of this Internet dependency began with the kids.   The fact is, the Techies treat us like children because there just are so many in America, well into adulthood.    Some of our Adult Children that live their lives in Technoworld are the ones that graduated at 21 or 32 from University and thus need “Safe Rooms”.     Some riot and burn down buildings in the streets to express themselves peacefully.    They share the politics with virtually every one of the companies named above.   Every one.   No exceptions.   These are the new Big Tech loving Demobrats.  From my new and improved Webmasters Dictionary:

The kids became Demobrats through an instant gratification Internet addiction that began early in life that assured that they would not grow up in a real world, or at least the world shared by all who came before them.   It is becoming clear that while immersing kids in virtual worlds will prime them for a dark unreal future it’s not the kind of world that will give them any sense of fulfillment or even be good for their health.    Study after study indicates that Internet negative effects now far outweigh the Internet positive effects . This is why we need to Cancel their culture before they use their immense wealth and power to cancel ours.  Covid is simply the exclamation point to their Save the Day Globalist plan.

If the people that run these Big Tech companies succeed and their virtual world replaces not only brick and mortar but public education with virtual education, real human interaction – which we first learned in the  classrooms of ancient yesterday – is dead.    Our future as a Liberty loving  nation, and as human beings generally, will be permanently placed with Slo Jo in a basement lockdown.    Ironically, if home schooling takes hold we could eliminate brainwashing in public schools, so that COULD be an unintended consequence that the Techies didn’t figure.  But there is already talk in the Biden camp that home schooling could put you in jail, so they have the bases covered.   

The tech giants also have plans for your local voting booth.   It will be way more convenient to vote from your safe computer.   Just login to the Play Store Voting App and make sure your Cookies are turned on!    Otherwise, sorry, you can’t vote.   The virtual world will also destroy commercial real estate when working in downtown office buildings will be a thing of the past with the latest Zoom application from China.  And,  then there’s the real possibility of a Global Bitcoin virtual traceable currency that will be the only legal tender in the world.  At least our fiat currency is backed by, well, paper. 

So, maybe the Luddites were right all along.  Luddites, now known to describe people shunning technology run amok, may actually have been the first victims of corporate downsizing.    It all began way back in 1811 when Ned Ludd went into a bit of hysterics and tore into a textile manufacturing business destroying the machines that were replacing people.   

This happened in Nottingham, England where another guy went after the rich and gave to the poor.  I am not a fan of that kind of wealth distribution but am beginning to feel the pain of Ned.   Technology is not all bad, but if unregulated will eat its own as we are now witnessing.   Technology is also not inherently good or evil except when it becomes so powerful it is used to do one or the other, as defined by their leaders who are considered “great men” by the mainstream media.   Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Here is the exact quote from the historian and moralist Lord Acton in 1887:  

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

Lord Acton

Kids must learn that lesson and also understand that real progress, fakely represented by “progressives”, is not going forward in a virtual world without directions. 

Part 2 of the two part Save the Day Globalist plan is nearly complete, that is until their world crumbles politically in November (that’s Covid Part 1, don’t believe the polls)1.   You can help make their plan crumble if you start the Big Cancel of not only Big Tech but Big Media who is the powerhouse weapon behind the Communist takeover chaos in America. 

I am neither an idealist or naive.    Realistically, I know we can’t cancel Big Tech completely because they have embedded their claws in us too deep.   But I think we can reduce their power if enough of us do little things that can have big long term impact (in no particular order and feel free to post other suggestions in comments below):

  • Whenever possible, buy local from real people in real stores with real bills
  • Avoid Youtube. Alternatives include UGEtube, Bitchute, GabTV and Rumble
  • Change horses from Amazon to Ebay
  • Use anonymous non Google Search engines 
  • Use Non Chrome/Google or MS Browsers (IE/Edge)
  • Don’t use robotic self-checkout lanes    
  • Keep hitting “O” until you reach a human and then (if you are successful) tell them you will move your business to a competitor you know of that has people pick up the phone
  • Don’t use “Chat” which encourages Corporate America to use more robots
  • Boycott businesses that are political activists supporting Big Tech censorship, information control and virtuality. 

Heaven help us and our future if we cannot even manage some mild lifestyle changes to fight for a better world not dictated by Big Tech, as opposed to a real fight in the streets which most sane people want to avoid.  If they have their way, Big Tech will easily have half of our Nation’s wealth tied up by a handful of megalomaniacs because those megalomaniacs took half of our jobs.    Finally, to promote a more permanent solution, contact your Congressmen to break up Big Tech and Big Media NOW – both are monopolies.   If they don’t agree, vote in people that will. 

And, support organizations like StopBigTechNow.

So, let’s move the great Mighty Mouse to our side, where he belongs.    Maybe WE are the Big Tech Fix.  

 “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke

Sic Semper Tyrannis

1The Nov 3 election that installed a POTUS with SCOTUS approval was beyond even my crazy imagination when I wrote this column. It will come to light someday and when it does, let’s pray that people are put behind bars so that a reoccurrence cannot happen again in America.

Mandrake News

December 14, 2021

Washington DC (Resuters).  Biden approval rating jumps to 92% after he announces his joint Global Liberty tour with the Great Dictator of China, Xi Jinping.  The tour will begin at the Wuhan Biosafety Level 4 Lab in Wuhan Province China (masks required), then travel worldwide with stopovers in Hanoi, San Francisco CA, Asheville NC and Joseph Biden’s hometown of Delaware, South Carolina (based on his recent interview with CNN).   The Biden administration, installed November 3, 2020, expects to see millions and billions of the people that are still alive to turn out publically to support our great leaders as they speak forcefully about Liberty, Freedom and the Democracy Revolution taking place all over the globe.  Each tour location will feature a special guest speaker from the local community on both sides of the political aisle who is either a member of the CCP or the Democratic Communist Party of America.  

Isn’t he (Biden) just amazing! (hic) Only someone like President Biden who wants all humans to have Freedom and Liberty (subject to terms and conditions) could come up with such a great idea like this, at the direction of Xi Jinping.   I personally wear masks and do jabs on a regular basis to preserve the Liberties found in America and China.  Freedom for all!  (hic) (hic) Thank you President Biden and Xi Jinping, you are a testament to what the two most powerful countries in the world can do if they just set their minds to it.

Ginnedwith Saki (Biden Press Secretary)

What a political master stroke for Biden.  He needed to boost his approval and, even though this tour will not actually take place, his ratings will go through the roof as the mainstream media will cover it in Spades.

Chris Wallsick (CNNFOX)


Ginnedwith Saki was asked by Mandrake News about the Chris Wallsick comment about the tour actually not being real, or having anything at all to do with Freedom and Liberty given the direct Communist connections, and her only comment was “just STFU (hic) and go back to reporting the news we give you.  Geesh.”

Fully Vaccinated

Updated October 22 2021

For the first time in world history, the term “fully vaccinated” is being used.  That novel phrase, like so many from the Left, was adopted uniformly and in perfect unison by the Mainstream Media.  The same lying Mainstream Media says they report “Truth”.   But, what does it mean?

It means that we are now living under a Nazi government because only the unelected Nazis in power can define what the word “fully” means.   If you fail to get the boosters exactly on time, does this mean you are no longer fully vaccinatedtm ?  Of course it does, because then you won’t be able to travel and buy food and stuff because your Vaccine Passport will have expired.

So, this will be a never ending game where people like us, now living against our wills in a Healthocracy, cannot live their lives in freedom unless they either commit suicide or cannot have children – the side effects of being fully vaccinatedtm

The Emergency Use GMO mRNA Treatment is not a vaccine which prevents you from getting disease. Vaccines prevent disease. The various elixirs from Big Pharma with heretofore unknown ingredients does nothing of the kind.

Polio. During the 1950s, nearly 15,000 people every year contracted Polio, a disease that causes paralysis.  The first effective vaccine was made by Jonas Salk.  When the Polio vaccine was initially rolled out, first by injection and then orally in those little paper cups, it prevented you from getting Polio.   Same with vaccines for smallpox, measles and chicken pox.   It worked.  And, we never said that kids that got those vaccines were fully vaccinated.  They were just vaccinated.  Or, they got boosters.   That’s it.

Compare and contrast Covid mRNA treatments with the Polio vaccine rolled out in the 1950s. It is clear even among the Leftists running our Healthocracy that people being vaccinated against Covid 19 can still get Covid 19.  They say these are “breakthrough cases” (yet another fashionable Leftist word) but only cause a much milder case than you would have had otherwise, trying to prove a negative.  Proving a negative (i.e. something did not happen) is only a problem for us, not the Healthocracy.   The “breakthrough cases” then devolves to the need for being not just vaccinated but fully vaccinatedtm simply because the original dose was insufficient, rather than effective.

If the Polio vaccine was the same sort of fake medical quackery as mRNA treatments it would have only worked to slowly kill you off with Polio.  Or, someone from the Health Department back in the 50s telling you that had it not been for the Salk vaccine you would have gotten Polio much worse than if you had not taken the shots and boosters as prescribed, ad infinitum.  But, way back in the BC days (Before Covid) that would have been a lie that wouldn’t have passed MSM muster because nobody was trying to take over the world via a novel medical tyranny.  

In truth, and for a very short time before the vaccine was immediately corrected (unlike today’s vaccine fatal defects), there were mild cases of Polio.   It happened early in the rollout when the “live” Polio virus was not properly inactivated.   The “Cutter Incident” resulted in 200 cases of localized Polio paralysis and 10 dead children, but even this blunder is not remotely comparable to the deaths and side effects of our current mRNA treatments. Compare these numbers to our current mRNA treatments and prior vaccination deaths.

With detailed tracking, we identified a tiny few harmed by the Polio vaccination. This resulted in an immediate investigation leading to a new vaccine formulation, followed by liability protection at the federal level to encourage pharmaceutical companies to make vaccines.   The reformulated Polio vaccination then did its job, thereby proving it’s efficacy as a vaccination against disease, not causing disease.  

The Covid mRNA treatment is nothing of the kind, evident by its basic mRNA design that contains an active pathogen – the Spike Protein. This is not unlike the Cutter Incident which unintentionally used a live virus (active pathogen). Again, the Cutter incident resulted in a full stop and reformulation. Now, we force people to take more and more of it on a mass, Global scale. A 180 degree change just doesn’t seem a sufficient description.

Also, take a look at what has happened in Israel where the most compliant multi-jabbed masses in the world who trust their Government implicitly are now getting Covid in large numbers.   In the USA, it is becoming clear that there are big problems with the vaccination program. If the treatment was really a vaccination against disease, like Polio, how could this happen?  And, why are we even still calling the Pfizer/Moderna/Johnson (Janssen)/Astra Zeneca treatments a vaccination?

According to the CDC’s own database, we have nearly 22,115 hospitalizations and fatalities for the fully vaccinatedtm.   Now, I don’t want this article to be a Debbie Downer entirely.  The good news is according to the CDC’s Chief of Disinformation, men are no longer dying from the vaccination. Thanks Rochelle!

Beyond what has been reported, we must add to the above the awful adverse vaccination side effects, e.g. premature deaths, for people receiving only one jab, otherwise known as the “not fully vaccinatedtm.  This would be like vast numbers of people getting Polio after their “single” dose of the Polio vaccination.  Of course, this did not happen back in BC time (Before Covid) when we had Doctors that made sense and house calls.  It didn’t happen with Polio because this was a real vaccination. We have nothing of the sort now, so that is why we never used the term fully vaccinatedtm until Covid 19 was developed and released, possibly in part by our own government.   That story is yet to fully unfold.

Per the CDCs (Centers for Democratic Control), as of September 27, 2021 more than 183 million people in the United States had been fully vaccinatedtm against COVID-19.    That’s about 54% of the United States population and likely a much smaller percentage if we count illegal aliens who are entering America Carte Blanche with Covid and without vaccinations.   Vaccine passports for Illegals?  Nah.  They don’t even need regular passports.

So, who are the fully vaccinatedtm?   As of today, the CDCs current definition of being fully vaccinatedtm is defined as follows.

In general, people are considered fully vaccinated: 

  • 2 weeks after their second dose in a 2-dose series, such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines
  • 2 weeks after a first dose of Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine (semi-officially a two-doser now)1

In general? That was inserted because they will change the definition. But what of next month or next year? Moving targets benefit only the totalitarians who will keep everyone under a constant state of fear with their Vaccine Passport programs that will allow you to buy food, beginning to rollout in the UK.  

We know that the fully vaccinatedtm people can be infected with high viral amounts of the delta variant that may very well be caused by a leaky vaccine (see Dr. Malone and Dr. McCullough’s numerous videos on subject).  Since the CDC is concerned these people can still transmit the virus they will require more and more of the GMO treatment until their objective has been achieved.   A final solution if you will.  You would think Rochelle Walensky, a Jewish Doctor installed to run the CDC, would be concerned?  

More and More to Get Jabbed, by Hook or by Crook.   Our installed Alzheimer’s patient as POTUS now says that he wants 98% of Americans to be fully vaccinatedtm“.  Given what has been discovered about breakthrough cases of hospitalizations and deaths, proving that the “vaccine” is not actually preventing disease by any measurable indicator, why do we need nearly everyone vaccinated Mr. Biden?   Some in our medical community and even the folks at MSN can’t figure him out on this.   Certainly there must be a reason for saying something so blatantly dictatorial, let alone idiotic.  To get to a possible answer, we must first assume that a man with Dementia seldom makes policy on his own. It comes from places higher up in the Resetting food chain.

Let us conjecture.  To do so we have to confront the Resetting reality staring us in our faces. When nearly everyone is vaccinated with the now proven non-vaccine vaccine, and people start dying off from things like Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) which was found in laboratory animals 2 and ignored by the FDA just before the “emergency” rollout, there will be no control group to prove the depopulation crime against humanity.    The Resetting Puppet Masters are betting not only the ranch but their own survival.  As the percentage of the fully vaccinatedtm increases the less likely the depopulation Resetters will be tried and convicted.   That is a pretty big incentive to keep the pedal to the metal.   Pressure on the unvaxxed will continue unabated because the people that could have stopped the insanity years ago (the Mainstream Media) are actually the people most likely at risk for trial and punishment.  

Since we seem to be living in an alternate universe, beginning with the Insurrection of the United States of America on November 3, 2020, the only conclusion I can draw is this. The non-vaccine vaccine treatment does not work other than to make us do a slow death dance or prevent human beings from having children.   

Depopulation by any means justifies the end.  

Fully Vaccinatedtm may just mean Fully Deadtm.  

We need a new drug.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

1 Originally, CDC Strongly recommended a 2 dose series, contradicting their own fully vaccinatedtm definition. Subsequently, on October 15, 2021 the FDA revised their guideline for a two-dose regiment of the Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine. It is expected that the J3 Vaccination will now need two doses to meet the CDC fully vaccinatedtm definition.

2 An original Wikipedia article on Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) indicated that the FDA ignored animal trials with prior coronavirus vaccines designed to produce spike proteins. For over two decades, “vaccines” that produce spiked protein mRNA or adenovirus were trialed on lab animals. Though the test subjects initially did acquire antibodies, on meeting SARS-CoV-1, the cats and ferrets injected with the “vaccines” all died. This information has been largely deleted from the original article, now showing only an ADE “concern”. The last article update has now been permanently locked by Wiki management.

Shots have been Fired

November 12, 2020 updated October 10, 2021

Note: This post will be continually updated, in italics.

The battle lines are drawn.  And, its no longer a battle of words, symbolism or politics. 

The Mainstream media (MSM) has enlisted drones (aka Mercenaries) to take on the people they despise – Trump and ALL of his supporters.  They have upped the ante now with shots that may be ringing like Fort Sumter.   A Conservative “Trump Supporter” has now been murdered in the streets by a hit man of the MSM with a bullet through the head. Will we cower or fight back?  

I have noted in several blogs that the real enemy of America is not the Elitists in Universities, Democrats, Black Lives Matter or even Antifa.  All of these people have one commander in chief who calls the shots – the American Mainstream Media.   

Whether the MSM gets marching orders from Soros or other Atheist Globalists is of no consequence because without the power to mold minds (and money from Big Tech to grow their power) their plans will undoubtedly fail.    And, the power of the Leftist Communists is entirely wielded by the MSM.  Without the MSM, they have no weapons to wreck Schools, Americans, Corporations,  Churches and other places of Worship and even the kids.     The MSM has no other Master and no other plan other than to destroy the greatest and most powerful country in the world and install a Communist State that will protect mega-billionaires from the soon to be culled Proletariat they will control.   Totalitarian control.    

Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely

Lord Acton

The MSM went finally insane after the 2016 election (and will go further into psychosis after 2020) and tried to impeach the President.   The MSM waited all of 19 minutes after the 2017 inauguration to start the process of impeachment. Not only did they start the ball rolling, they provided the narrative in the media to support their impeachment goal. The Democrats and elitists in our Illiberal Universities went along with their plans because they heard the dog whistle telling them it was OK to proceed. It was nearly a success. But they will not stop.

Does the MSM have the power to control People and Country?

  • It is the MSM that has the power to shame corporations into Leftist ideology submission.
  • It is the MSM that has the power to shame individuals as racists with false narratives.
  • It is the MSM that has the power to shame all businesses to fire individuals they describe as hateful bigots with false narratives.
  • It is the MSM that has the power to shut down businesses for not celebrating homosexuals they say they must do business with by using false and unconstitutional legal attacks.
  • It is the MSM that has the power to defile the English language and even modify Dictionaries to change any political debate narrative to their favor. Examples: replacing “unfair discrimination” with “discrimination” that promotes immorality, “gender” replacing biological “sex” for promotion of gender dysphoria, “Trangender”replacing “Transexual” (supports prior gender comment), “BC (Before Christ)” and “AD (Anno Domini)” replaced with “BCE (Before Common Era)” and “CE (Common Era)” to cancel Christian influence throughout human history in our schools,* “Vaccine” redefined to mean a “preparation to induce an immune reaction” rather than a medicinal treatment for protection from a specific disease.
  • It is the MSM that has the power to shame Amy Coney Barrett publically during SCOTUS confirmation hearings for using the ‘offensive and outdated’ term ‘sexual preference’ to refer to LGBTQ people.
  • It is the MSM that has the power to normalize gender dysphoria, a form of child abuse, by no longer permitting use of “Boy” and “Girl” pronouns in print media because it would “discriminate” against who the child may prefer to be sexually, at the age of 5.
  • It is the MSM that has the power to make up and promote “Hate Speech” legislation to silence everyone they disagree with. Anyone disagreeing with the concept (which eliminates the First Amendment) are publically shamed by the MSM until they submit – or lose their livelihoods.
  • It is the MSM that has the power to promote and celebrate Abortion and “Gay Marriage”, a concept that never existed for thousands of years except in the “modern progressive” minds of a Legislative Judiciary which they fiercely support (witness each round of Conservative SCOTUS confirmation gyrations).
  • It is the MSM that has the power to promote and even support (with directions) the Nov 3 2020 Insurrection of the United States to replace a Republican Government with a Communist Government.
  • It is the MSM that has the power to wage a legal war in the news and even physical attacks on over half of America they define as deplorables, racists, bigots and even people of faith they believe are mentally ill (see above on business destruction).
  • It is the MSM that has the power to wreck the world’s largest economy by terrorizing people to barter their God Given Liberties for perceived health safety from a fake pandemic, without regard to indirect deaths and mental illness that are far worse.
  • It is the MSM that has the power to normalize the 1619 project for teaching kids to hate Capitalism, America, White Europeans and their culture.
  • It is the MSM that has the power to normalize gender dysphoria by promoting Trans people in Drag to read stories to children in public Libraries and shaming normal people wanting to protect their children as homophobic (see language modification above).
  • It is the MSM that has the power to create suggested “reading lists” for parents and public schools for innocent 8 year olds that impart racial hatred in the minds of African American children that are too young to understand historical context.
  • It is the MSM that has the power to normalize the sexualization and abuse of innocent children in our Public schools and by not calling out Hollywood and Netflix (see “Cuties”).
  • It is the MSM that has the power to strengthen and grow membership in Communist groups like Black Lives Matter, Antifa and others by not reporting on their true motives, a Marxist takeover of America, because they share them. Not even a token rebuke to simulate objectivity.
  • It is the MSM that has the power to create false racial, sexual and ethnic divisions solvable only by a Totalitarian State that they will govern and make all the rules. People that disagree are shamed as hateful bigots in the press.
  • It is the MSM that has the power to promote a single Communist oriented view of American History in editorials and general news that becomes agenda for primary and secondary schools.
  • It is the MSM that has the power to deny the science of biological sex at birth and immense astronomical forces controlling our climate. These ideologies become agenda for our schools without debate from parents that are called domestic terrorists and shamed in the press if they disagree.
  • It is the MSM that has the power to divide and conquer Churches in America by forcing internal confrontations and division between MSM educated “progressives” and those with traditional views on marriage and Clergy. Anyone disagreeing are destroyed in the press as hateful bigots and the Church is split.
  • It is the MSM that has the power to divide and conquer Churches in America by forcing internal confrontations and division between MSM educated “progressives” and those with traditional views on marriage and Clergy. Anyone disagreeing are destroyed in the press as hateful bigots and the Church is split.
  • It is the MSM that has the power to divide and conquer traditional family oriented institutions and faith based organization like the Salvation Army, Chick Fi La and Boy Scouts of America by forcing internal confrontations and division between MSM educated “progressives” with traditional views on homosexuality and the notion of systemic racism requiring CRT training. These tactics often lead to decreased funding and lawsuits that destroy a once revered organization. Anyone disagreeing with these changes, or attempt to replace work influencers that infiltrated and captured the prey, are destroyed in the press as hateful bigots, creating a no win situation.
  • It is the MSM that has the power to wage a Culture war against Religion (and the First Amendment) using schools as their proxy to promote the absolute Separation of Church and State. Anyone disagreeing are destroyed in the press as hateful bigots.
  • It is the MSM that has the power to personally and publically destroy good human beings (and their families) that have been nominated to Judicial positions to promote a non-legislative and original intent Judiciary (e.g. Brett Kavanagh, Clarence Thomas, Amy Coney Barrett). This opposes the MSM design of a Supreme Court as a Leftist Legislature having ultimate power over all Americans and other branches of government.
  • It is the MSM that has the power to destroy and censor Conservative thoughts and views on “Liberal” College Campuses to brainwash and weaken the minds of young adults who must agree (or be grade-punished by tenured staff) with the MSM on Hate Speech, Religion and Pseudo Science.
  • It is the MSM that continues to blatantly cover for Biden’s Dementia non sequitors, gaffes and blunders to influence the election in Biden’s favor.
  • It is the MSM that has the power to control the outcome of Presidential debates by choosing moderators that agree with the MSM. If Conservative candidates do not comply, they will be shamed publically as cowards afraid of debate.
  • It is the MSM that has the power to control the outcome of Presidential elections by promoting chaos with mail in ballots, lack of voter ID and vote counting that they manage locally at election places. If Conservative candidates do not comply, they will be shamed publically as taking away the “people’s right to vote”.
  • It is the MSM largely composed of amoral or immoral Atheists that are attempting to create an Anti-God communist society in America devoid of Judeo-Christian morals.
  • It is the MSM that lies, slanders and libels with impunity and fails to report facts (bias by omission) in physical, political and behavioral sciences that counter any of the goals noted above.
  • Finally, it is the MSM that protects a Deep State in Government that is in complete alignment with everything they promote above which is part of the fundamental transformation of America. Or, they too will be destroyed.

*This was a slow change that went nearly unnoticed until it slowly appeared in all MSM news and then made it’s way into virtually all Public School textbooks.

Welcome to fundamental transformation.   It is impossible to Love anything you desire to fundamentally transform.    The MSM hates America.

The Democratic party largely agrees with all of the above goals of American transformation because without their agreement they, like others in their way, simply become new targets to be destroyed.

And now, they are paying people to kill American Enablers they want to expunge.

Make no mistake, this man is not a radical within the MSM. He is the MSM. This is a man filled with intense rage, and feelings of Hate he has no control over because of Donald Trump. To all Leftists, there is no free will because if it existed, it would imply we are something more than animals and thus are responsible for our actions. He revels in his own childish crap, and his own hate. The Hate that is directed at over half of America, the “maggots”. It’s a confession of inward and outward directed hate and self loathing, the kind that has started wars.

For years, the MSM has been largely ignored by rational and good Americans.  But now, we can no longer ignore them.  The MSM is now a gathering storm affecting every aspect of American life and even the safety of people standing in their way.  They are a clear and present danger, even now a physical danger,  to all freedom loving Americans.  They are coming for America as we know it and for all rational people that love America.

They must be broken up as a information monopoly with the goal of Communist revolution that will destroy American Freedom, American Liberty and our American Constitution.  

They are traitors that are waging a war promoting Evil over the Morality of countless generations that came before us.

They must be held accountable for their destruction of all that is Good and Stable in America before they realize their goal of a dependent, Godless totalitarian state. It’s on the way.


Bust ’em up before they bust US up.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Case Crosed

Just for fun, lets say that your country was at war with the world and that you wanted to kill your enemy using a Bio Weapon.    The Bio Weapon would most obviously have to be deployed in a way that it would not also kill your own people. 

So, what would be a telltale sign,  or fingerprint if you will, of such a scenario that would be irrefutable proof of a Bio Weapon plan gone viral by the offending country?   

Please consider that only a country with Bio Safety Level 4 Lab capability, with a known Bio-Weapons program, ranking extremely low in Covid 19 mortality should be the bad actor.  And, that Democratic nation enemy states in Western Europe and America (even with the most expensive healthcare system on the planet) would be hit the hardest.

What country meets this criteria? 

Below is Exhibit A: Table of Covid 19 Deaths ranked by country (Johns Hopkins University, as of September 27, 2021)  

Global Map of Covid-19 Mortality (deaths per Million):


Hmmmmm. And, the highlighted country also has Bio Safety Level 4 Labs.

Now, I am sure that you would say we cannot trust the China numbers because they pretty much lie about everything.   And, that virtually all Covid death numbers are questionable anyway because of the way medical examiners all over the world have been told by the Center for Democratic Control (CDC) to identify Covid 19 as the underlying cause of death (UCOD) on death certificates even when other serious co-morbidities exist. 

Even so, it is not in China’s advantage to report not only low fatality rates, but extraordinarily low rates.  Ridiculously low.

There seems to be only one conclusion.

Case crosed.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Nuremberg Code

July 28, 2021. Updated: August 26, 2021.

The Covid GMO Therapy Treatment remains unapproved (1) and is therefore a medical experiment. Still, our freshly installed President of the United States, is beginning to mandate vaccinations for employees in Federal Government Agencies. This effectively “Green Lights” businesses to do the same and could mean the loss of livelihoods for millions of Americans in public and private sectors.

The notion of NO medical coercion (informed consent) has always been a basic principal of living free. Only in emergencies when you are not able to make a decision can any medical practitioner apply treatment of any kind. Shortly after WW2 in 1947, this concept was codified into International Law partly as a result of Dr. Josef Mengele’s sadistic experimentations on human subjects. The “Angel of Death’s” legacy was strangely helpful to mankind, but apparently it’s all for naught with today’s Nazis back in the saddle and running both our Government and our way too costly Healthcare system.

The Nuremberg Code of 1947 establishes the Principle of Informed Consent when conducting medical experiments.

Pay attention to Principle 5.

“No experiment should be conducted where there is an a priori reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur; except, perhaps, in those experiments where the experimental physicians also serve as subjects.”

Based on the evidence from nearly 7 months of adverse event reporting experience, this rule alone should prohibit any injections of the Covid GMO Therapy, even if voluntary informed consent is always obtained (without coercion as specified).   Only when dictatorial Communists or Nazis are in absolute control can these rules be violated.  Or,if we are fighting a massively contagious high mortality disease on the order of Ebola (50%), which Covid is not (<1%). 

On June 10, 2021 a lawsuit was filed in the State of Alabama by Americas Frontline Doctors to immediately stop the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by the FDA for the Covid GMO Therapy Treatment. This should be read and is available online.

Apparently our Attorney General of the United States, Mr. Merrick Garland, who recently gave his “opinion” that mandated vaccines are legal, did not read the lawsuit or have even the most general knowledge of the risks and benefits of the treatment.Here is one comment in the lawsuit which summarizes much of the problem:

“The Vaccines are unapproved, inadequately tested, experimental and dangerous biological agents that have the potential to cause substantially greater harm than the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the COVID-19 disease itself”.

If this is a true statement then the treatment’s EUA should be immediately revoked. Forget about authorization. But is it true?

Shortly after the Lawsuit, on July 19, 2021, Americas Frontline Doctors obtained a Whistleblower statement from a highly trained healthcare fraud detection specialist that indicated that the voluntary reporting experimental Covid GMO Therapy adverse affects system (VAERS) was vastly undercounting experimental Covid GMO Therapy related deaths by 500%. Based on her analysis, she believes and stated (under threat of perjury) the actual number of deaths was approximately 45,000, likely still a large undercount.

So if we compare that number (conservative) which the actual number of Covid deaths sans morbidities we find something very alarming which should motivate our elected officials on both sides of the aisle to stop the insanity now. As of July 21, 2021 (incl. two influenza seasons):

601,124 CDC Reported Deaths X .06 (actual Covid only deaths) = 36,067 Covid Only Deaths

GMO Therapy to Prevent Covid Deaths, Deaths = 45,000 Covid GMO Treatment Deaths

For the math impaired on the Left – 45,000 is a bigger number than 36,067.

This means that we have nearly 9000 deaths more from the so-called experimental treatment to prevent Covid deaths than Covid only deaths. My calculations do assume the increased number of unreported deaths from the treatment from the official statistics. However, even if this is wrong by a factor of 2 (i.e. 22,500 Vax Treatment deaths) under no circumstances in any rational universe should we allow this treatment to be used, in any fashion, and even if voluntary with informed consent because it would violate Rule 5 of the Nuremberg Code.

Americans Frontline Doctors are right. And, this is what alarms most people for not wanting the treatment for a disease with low morbidity for the vast majority of people.

Biden recently said that only stupid people don’t take the Covid Vaccination. If a person with severe Dementia says you are stupid I would not worry much.

Tucker Carlson may be one of the few people left in MSM that goes to bat for people that, for these reasons and more, have decided that they will not take the Covid GMO Treatment.

Tucker Carlson Going Off On The GOP For Doing Nothing To Stop Vaccine Mandates

“If Republicans can’t even do that…then why bother to have a Republican Party? Why not spare the rest of us the indignity, sign off your Twitter account for good, and take a job at Quiznos?”

Originally tweeted by The Columbia Bugle 🇺🇸 (@ColumbiaBugle) on July 28, 2021.

That hardly any of our elected officials are even speaking out against the rush to vaccine mandates and passports in America, with vast majorities of people on both sides of the political spectrum not wanting elected Governments to force Covid Experimental treatments on people, is both alarming and indicative of something far more sinister: Fear.

But fear of what? Maybe too many people.

1 As of August 26, 2021 the FDA has yet to approve anything other than a “Comirnaty” (Covid Messenger Injection RNA [ty]) Vaccine that does not yet exist. They did extend the emergency use authorization (EUA) for the existing Pfizer vaccination, the one that has been pushed on the masses, or else. The fake mainstream media lies about this fake “approval” for nefarious reasons yet to be discovered, but never fear. Group Captain Mandrake is on the ball and will soon reveal the “Why” answer to the Living Hell we are all experiencing.

Sic Semper Tyrannis