A Corporate Liberty Declaration

Updated March 5, 2020….. After hearing about the absentee SCOTUS vote that could have determined the amount of fraud that played into the 2020 election of Josef Liden whose pre-ordained executive orders, supported by SCOTUS, are now killing our most basic freedoms…..well, someone said it much better than I can. “THESE are the times thatContinue reading “A Corporate Liberty Declaration”

Where is Napoleon Solo?

Once upon a time in America, when television had only 3 Networks that produced generally excellent and well acted non reality programming, there was a series called The Man from Uncle.  I got to thinking about how prescient that show really was…….. As I was recently granted top secret security clearance to the big secretsContinue reading “Where is Napoleon Solo?”

Group Captain Lionel Mandrake

Group Captain Mandrake is the only sane person in the room, or so it would seem.    Captain Mandrake is a member of the Royal Air Force and is surrounded with insanity at all levels, even from those who would rather protect Leftist Big Corporations like the Coca Cola company rather than humanity. He graduatedContinue reading “Group Captain Lionel Mandrake”

Another Big Lie – Free Markets

  December 15, 2020 Along with almost everything sane people use to believe was the Truth in America, the US Stock Market is just one more lie.    It has turned into a game of the Fed and Corporate Boardrooms, not free market Capitalism.  If you do invest in stocks (and don’t believe anything I sayContinue reading “Another Big Lie – Free Markets”

My Letter to the Supreme Court of the United States

December 12, 2020 I have been thinking about what has been going on not only with this mess of an election, but the ramifications from never ending election fraud for our country.   There may still yet be a hearing for President Trump at the Supreme Court after new lawsuits are filed in lower State courtsContinue reading “My Letter to the Supreme Court of the United States”

The Anti-Masker in the Rye

November 26, 2020 Make no mistake, it’s all about the masks.  And behind the mask diaper stands the Mainstream Media (MSM).  But none of my elected Representatives in Congress, or even President Trump and his so-called Justice Department, do a damn thing about them other than righteously complain in Senate hearings when we must (usingContinue reading “The Anti-Masker in the Rye”

Here I Come to Save the Day!

Note: This post was originally published on The Burning Platform In August 2020. It will be updated periodically with Big Tech valuations until they are all sued as a monopoly. Also added Youtube alternatives since they are going to war with all Americans that love Liberty. The Big Tech CV19 fix is in.   Brick andContinue reading “Here I Come to Save the Day!”