The Real Pandemic – An Infected Media

This is the only place where Covid isn’t…….

until the media finds out where it is

What Have I Done

January 22, 2021 As a Christian who has Christian friends who voted for Joseph Biden for President, I am dismayed.  These people with good will, but naïve hearts, have no idea what they have helped to unleash with their vote.      The fake religiosity of Pelosi and Biden are the classic lies of theContinue reading “What Have I Done”

Snowball headed to Hell

I am not a big country music guy.    But, I have to admit that from time to time there is more truth in some of these songs than you find in many other musical venues.    And, especially the MSM.     But from truth comes redemption, and let it come sooner than later.

I Rike Chinese, Ol Erse

Being an ex pat from the new Communist State of Georgia (who got 3 absentee ballots mailed to my home in NC, not forwarded), I just thought it would be a good idea to kinda just go along to get along. Hoppy New Yeal (sorry)!

My Letter to the Supreme Court of the United States

December 12, 2020 I have been thinking about what has been going on not only with this mess of an election, but the ramifications from never ending election fraud for our country.   There may still yet be a hearing for President Trump at the Supreme Court after new lawsuits are filed in lower State courtsContinue reading “My Letter to the Supreme Court of the United States”


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