Open Letter to the Medical Profession

I wrote the following to Dr. Scott Donaldson in response to his radio spots “Just Sayin” which play regularly on local radio stations in Western North Carolina.   Dr. Donaldson states in these “public service” announcements from himself to the masses that we should wear masks to protect others.  I took issue with this blanket recommendationContinue reading “Open Letter to the Medical Profession”

Shame on You and NextDoor – Not CV19

Originally published July 15, 2020. Updated June 26, 2021 Mask mandates across the Nation are seemingly being followed without rational thought by ignorant, obsequious people willing to do whatever a tyrannical government says.    I see whole families with young children walking the streets of my town with masks donned in the heat of summer. Continue reading “Shame on You and NextDoor – Not CV19”